His Name Was Walter

In class we have been listening one chapter to the next of a book named “His Name Was Walter”  Its a book inside a book, what I mean is in the story is a class is reading a book. My class is up to chapter 13 which is just under halfway. The main characters names are Colin, Tara, Lucas, Mrs Fiori, Grace, Walter and Sparrow. Which is alot of main characters but in my opinion Walter is the main main character. After each chapter we do a couple activities, we do a Wonder Wall where we have two sticking notes that we fill with questions for the next chapter. We also do a character map where we have the name for each main character and we do an arrow and write a personality trait to the character that it was written for.

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What We Have Been Learning This Term!

As we are three weeks into semester two we have already learnt many knew things this is what Ive learnt this term in each subject.

In maths we first did some revision on rounding, fractions, and more. Then we started focus on time for around a week for example: how many hours are in a week? Or how many years is a century? After, we moved on to quadrants were we created a box with four boxes and a line upwards that was counting up in positive numbers and a line going down with negative numbers and the same on the sides. We had to create our initial and figure out what the coordinates are for the corners.

In english we have been listening to a fiction story named “His Name Was Walter” we listen to around one chapter per day we are up to chapter 6, we have four different groups in our class, in our groups we use character maps for the story, each main character has their name on a patch of the page and you write personality traits we know about them and reason we know that. We also have a wonder wall for questions for  the next chapter or just in general.

In Stars we are working on conclusions and inferences and the details that give us the hints on whats happening, we read passages as a class and shared what we concluded is happening, after we went off by our selves and answered the multiple choice questions in our stars book.

In Spelling we have started a new program I have got the idea that we focus on a new sound each week were we have seven or six rows for each spelling of the sound and words that use that spelling for example: /d/ paddle= middle, riddle, saddle. That is one of the rows for double d sound, after we could choose three words to make story starters, in my last blog I shared them.

In Hass we have been learning about the Australian convicts and the reason of why the british sent the convicts here. We have also wrote how long different colonys lasted, this is what I found: Port Author= 1830-1877, Moreton Bay= 1824-1842, Norfolk island= 1788-1814/1825-1853, Hobart Town= 1804-1856, Swan River= 1850-1868 and Sydeny Cove= 1788-1840.

In Health we used a session were my teacher read out many cards with feelings or personality traits, we were either supposed to write down if we think we relate or if we know someone who I think relates to the word, before we chose if we relate or not we all shared what we thought it ment or examples.

In Indonesian we have been learning about our daily routine, we got handed out a sheet with activites in english and indonesian, we got put in partners and wrote done every word in english and Indonesian on little square peices of paper then played match the cards game, so say I had picked up the word chicken in Indonesian that would be ayam so I would have to try and match them.

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Story Starters

Last week, In class I created some story’s starters with our spelling words. With this activity it’s supposed to help us make interesting and exciting story’s to interest the reader. In that session of spelling we were working with the sound /d/ and the different ways to spell that sound. We could pick three words for three different story starters. My words are: Opened/ Sound and ladder. This is what I came up with :

1) The door scraped, as she nervously opened the old unusual room, but suddenly she headed a “BANG!”

2) Hearing the sound of joy in the boys voice as he planned his master plan without knowing what happens down there….

3) The girls awoke to the sound of the ladder falling they went to have a look.

That my story starters, thank you for reading my blog.

I Am From

Last term my class and I created a poem, about things that make us, us. We were asked to use things or memories that stick with you. I wrote the poem in my book, then copy it into Word to print it. I’m going to share mine.


I am from my room, dark and private where my thoughts are my own and my bed holds me tight.

I am from Perth, where my roots run deep from my first gasp for air to my last long laugh.

I am from the beach, waves crashing from shore to shore, swimming with friendly fish.

I am from pink, switching shades creating brightness for others.

I am from Italy, beautiful views of the markets from the famous foods for you and I.

I am from school, teaching me skills making me smarter, exercising my brain, learning more and more each day.

I am from art, smoothly following my hand and lightly blending from corner to corner.

I am from acting, loud reactions and connecting scenes in my brain to make storylines, sharing my emotions to actions.

I am from movies, entertaining my mind and understanding what happened and exciting me.

I am from my family, helping each other, excepting and greeting everyone with respect, making me laugh.

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Day In The Holidays

On the first semester holidays I spent the day with my mum and I’m going to share what we did.

We had to pick up paintings that we did in the city from the week before, then we went home and had some brunch while we booked a round of bowling for 3:30. As I were waiting for 2:50 to come around to leave I had to tidy up my room. The time flew as it quickly became time to leave for bowling. As  we got to Zone Bowling we were  half an hour early. The worker asked if we wanted to bowl early or wait til 3:30 so we chose to go straight to bowling, we ordered some food while we played. My mum said she will beat me, I also thought she would but then this was the score! My mum- 53, me- 79. We thought it would be fun to verse in bumper cars after so we did it. Once we finished we went home and remembered later this afternoon we are going to the LightScapes which was exciting I was going with my mum, sister and Mike. We were booked for 7:45pm which was still a few hours away.We left for the LightScapes at 6:40 because of traffic and finding a parking spot. Once it finally became time for the LightScapes we entered the haul and walked across many different lights, taking lots of videos/photos. We got dinner on the way home but we got home quite late.

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Story Starters

In English, we’ve been learning how to make good story starters. In some activities we are given four different words and need to create a starter. We need to try and create a story starter that can open lots of storyline’s.

We were given four words to create four sentences and these were the words: Tragic, Wonderful, impossible and Mars. This is what I came up with,

“On that morning of 1995 she awoke to the tragic day of…”

“Millie squealed in excitement, as she had a wonderful day planned until..”

“As he slept, he dreamt about the impossible obstacle he will soon be competing in.”

“Millie’s greasy fingers shivered as she booked the first ever flight bought to fly to Mars.”

After I wrote those we went to the school library and borrowed books and also looked at some of the story starters in the books. Thank you for reading my blog.



Special Values Agent

In class, we have 5 values posters excellence, respect, conservation, uniqueness and citizenship.

Our teacher had an idea to make little cards called “Special Values Agent”. It has a photo of ourselves and we were supposed to write what value relates the most to us then write our name using binary code. We made our card on Word using a table and uploaded our photo from google drive to documents to Word then I chose my background colour, edited the size of my photo, then sent it of to my teacher to be printed, cut out and laminated.

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Acting Classes

Since the start of 2022, I’ve  done acting classes after school every Tuesday.

Each lesson goes for a hour and thirty minutes. We do small scenes in partners mostly, sometimes we have to make a scene with no dialog whatsoever. My best friend in acting is Zara she’s a year older than me. We have two breaks one five minute break then a ten minute break. At acting you can show emotion and react to actions in your opinion. In term 4 last year we made a short movie about being stuck in a movie or video game. Once we filmed it the company needed to edit it, and this weekend we are going and watching it.

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Compassion Video

In the past few days we have been filming ourselves in groups talking about compassion the editing it.

We filmed it on microphones, then plugged the wire from the microphone into the computer. After that, we uploaded it to Audacity to edit it, and I’m going to share how I edited my podcast. First I read the instructions, then I listened to the video to make sure it was the right one. After, I paused at the bits were no one was talking, you have to highlight the gap the backspace. Then to listen again you have to press stop and restart video. Once you finished editing every bit you upload it to documents then I sent it to my teacher. And  now I’m uploading it here.

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Weird Weather!

Today and yesterday the weather has been on and off lately.

Yesterday there was more hail in one day then I’ve seen my whole life, I was at school when it was hailing it was just before recess, so when it became recess there was lots of hail stuck piling up underneath the poles. Many people were going over to the poles and feeling the hail, the hail was perfectly circled shape. When it was raining it was very hard to hear. Then today (Wednesday) on my way to school there was drops for a few minutes and for the rest of the day it was sunny,bright and cold.

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