I have just gone back to school ready for term 3! These holidays were great but my overall favourite thing I did these holidays was staying at Crown for a night, Crown is a very exciting hotel! Only my mum and I stayed there, which gave us loads of time with each other. We had to sign in to Crown 3pm earliest, once we got there we put our belongings in our room and we went straight to get some drinks! I got a very delicious milkshake and my mum got a soft drink. After we chucked our bathers on and went straight to the indoor pool, there was a pool and a spa but they were both very warm! We made a reservation for 5:45pm at the buffet, we took ages getting ready for dinner, I wore this light pink dress with my pink Jordan 1st. When we got to dinner they took us to our table, pulled out our chairs and showed us around. We got our plates and theres food to choose from EVERYWHERE!! You can eat as much as you want and the foods delicious, my mum and I ate plenty and I ate some icecream with chocolate sauce for dessert! We had to be finished before half past six and we left just before. We went bag to our room so full! We ended the night with a entertaining movie with lots of snacks (that we didnt eat because we were full!). We had the best night ever I would love to go back to Crown another time!

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Terrible Torture

Charli’s stomach moans, rethinking her decisions. She stumbles over to the starting line, praying for something to go wrong. “It’s going to be fine!” Millie says trying to cheer her up. Charli breathes heavily. Parents were cheering and chanting. The sun shining bright, right on her. All Charli’s friends turned into her victims. She hugged Millie tight, whilst listening to some great advice by my friend Holly. She had stitches before it even started! Seconds feel like years going by waiting for it to be over. On your marks, get set, She takes one deep breath. GO! The year 6 girls cross country has officially begun….

Hijinx Hotel

In the holidays I went to Hijinx Hotel!

Today is the first day of term two, the holidays ended yesterday and I’m ready for term two! One random day in the holidays, my friend slept over. We went to bed about 3 am and woke up at quarter to 12. That night my friend and I were searching places we could go to the next day, finally we decided on Hijinx Hotel. Hijinx Hotel isn’t actually a Hotel, it’s got lots of games including escape rooms and karaoke, but what we chose was the game rooms. That morning we got ready and left for our session as we played lots of music in the car, once we got there we ran around the shopping centre trying to find Hijinx Hotel. Finally we found it, as soon and we walked in we all were shocked about how fun it looked we took a photo out the front, then we when to the counter and we got to pick our team name which was our names combined. We followed the worker into the elevator that “broke” down halfway through moving, after that we got addressed to a game room which we then played, each game room we only had four minutes to get as many points as possible, and they would be all counted up at the end. In the end we played around 6 games and we didn’t get many points which is fine because it was really fun anyway, we had some sushi and found there was more games we could do so we went back and asked if we can do more which we did, and again not many points… we went in to a couple shops on the way to car park to leave the shopping centre!

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Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Halloween! It was a school day so I went to school yesterday morning. In the afternoon I went home and did my makeup ready for trick or treating! I was going as barbie, once I did my pink makeup I got straight into doing the highest ponytail my hair could! Earlier this month I bought the pinkest of pinkest dress I could find. I had a pink bag to add to the costume as well and pink glasses. I headed to my best friend’s house (Kenzie) to meet before going trick or treating. She wore a blow up dinosaur costume out. We left around 5pm and started knocking on doors. We didn’t see many people we know but a few. We saw lots of house’s with massive decorations and lots of candy. We had two bags with loads of lollies/ chocolates, it started to get late out and we had been walking round for ages most houses were all out so we started heading home, but luckily Kenzie and I had a sleepover ahead of us! So we went home and got into our pj’s and sorted our treats, I’m coeliac so I gave Kenzie all the one’s I couldn’t eat then we ended the night with a four square game and went to sleep.




Last Saturday I started art class.

I found out about these art classes a few weeks ago, they are held at a high school that has an art program  my mum put me in for a couple weeks into term. We started the 2 hour lesson with warm up to get to know everyone. We were using clay, which is my favourite,  the type of clay  was named ‘Raku’ we made a little thick spoon and bowl, we made the spoon first our teacher said she was giving us a challenge, the challenge was we could not break bits of the clay and put them back on.  We got to see lots of the artworks the older students were working on, After we had a 30 minute break and snack before we made the bowl. We started by making a pinch pot then making it bigger and bigger. After that I added texture and smoothed out the cracks and created lines and we had to make holes all around, to do weaving with once its dry.

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Heroic History Excursion

Last week my year group and I, went on an excursion to the first, local historical home, built by English settlers. After we also visited the local museum, my mum was a parent helper.

On Friday, my mum and I got to school and met everyone in the classroom, the classes were slip so we had groups to stay in. We planned to get on the bus at 9:10 am but they was two buses and one was late. Once we got off the bus we entered the home first. We sat on the mat while the lady explained to us and told us lots of history about that house. After that she told us that she is going to make a human timeline, so the lady chose around seven people to come up and be apart of the timeline ( including me.) I found out the name of the man that the suburb of my school was named after and lots more including other suburbs. We then got work sheets and did lots of activities in our groups including washing clothes the elderly way, polishing shoes, wearing hats and found out some interesting information of chores children had to do and more. After we finished the activities we had lunch and also got to play games.

After lunch we got back on the bus to head to the museum, it wasn’t a long drive at all, but once we got there, we went inside and sat on there mat. First the lady started telling us what we are going to be doing, she then told us she’s going to split the class in half so one half will be in the library part, and the others will learn lots of facts on the board. I was learning on the board first, and we learnt many names and how paths change over time, how there’s no rivers around about were we live. In the library part there was a really big map which was one of the earliest maps of  WA. We could look up our last name to see if we could find out any interesting information about our families history but mine wasn’t on there. After both we got to look around, there was a surfboard you could stand on. While looking around I saw a picture of a ship my great grandad was on.

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Holiday Nails!

Click, clacker! This was the sound of my nails being cut, shaped and painted! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually into getting my nails done but I had my chance as it was the school holidays. I was so excited scrolling through Pinterest looking for my nail inspiration. Kenzie and I were buzzing waiting for the time to come. We got sat down in the comfy seat and showed our pictures. It took around an hour. My hatred of nail filing continues! Kenzie and I were laughing cause it tickled, it was loads of fun. Once our nails were done, Kenzie and I went to our favourite part of house, the trampoline.

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His Name Was Walter

In class we have been listening one chapter to the next of a book named “His Name Was Walter”  Its a book inside a book, what I mean is in the story is a class is reading a book. My class is up to chapter 13 which is just under halfway. The main characters names are Colin, Tara, Lucas, Mrs Fiori, Grace, Walter and Sparrow. Which is alot of main characters but in my opinion Walter is the main main character. After each chapter we do a couple activities, we do a Wonder Wall where we have two sticking notes that we fill with questions for the next chapter. We also do a character map where we have the name for each main character and we do an arrow and write a personality trait to the character that it was written for.

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What We Have Been Learning This Term!

As we are three weeks into semester two we have already learnt many knew things this is what Ive learnt this term in each subject.

In maths we first did some revision on rounding, fractions, and more. Then we started focus on time for around a week for example: how many hours are in a week? Or how many years is a century? After, we moved on to quadrants were we created a box with four boxes and a line upwards that was counting up in positive numbers and a line going down with negative numbers and the same on the sides. We had to create our initial and figure out what the coordinates are for the corners.

In english we have been listening to a fiction story named “His Name Was Walter” we listen to around one chapter per day we are up to chapter 6, we have four different groups in our class, in our groups we use character maps for the story, each main character has their name on a patch of the page and you write personality traits we know about them and reason we know that. We also have a wonder wall for questions for  the next chapter or just in general.

In Stars we are working on conclusions and inferences and the details that give us the hints on whats happening, we read passages as a class and shared what we concluded is happening, after we went off by our selves and answered the multiple choice questions in our stars book.

In Spelling we have started a new program I have got the idea that we focus on a new sound each week were we have seven or six rows for each spelling of the sound and words that use that spelling for example: /d/ paddle= middle, riddle, saddle. That is one of the rows for double d sound, after we could choose three words to make story starters, in my last blog I shared them.

In Hass we have been learning about the Australian convicts and the reason of why the british sent the convicts here. We have also wrote how long different colonys lasted, this is what I found: Port Author= 1830-1877, Moreton Bay= 1824-1842, Norfolk island= 1788-1814/1825-1853, Hobart Town= 1804-1856, Swan River= 1850-1868 and Sydeny Cove= 1788-1840.

In Health we used a session were my teacher read out many cards with feelings or personality traits, we were either supposed to write down if we think we relate or if we know someone who I think relates to the word, before we chose if we relate or not we all shared what we thought it ment or examples.

In Indonesian we have been learning about our daily routine, we got handed out a sheet with activites in english and indonesian, we got put in partners and wrote done every word in english and Indonesian on little square peices of paper then played match the cards game, so say I had picked up the word chicken in Indonesian that would be ayam so I would have to try and match them.

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Story Starters

Last week, In class I created some story’s starters with our spelling words. With this activity it’s supposed to help us make interesting and exciting story’s to interest the reader. In that session of spelling we were working with the sound /d/ and the different ways to spell that sound. We could pick three words for three different story starters. My words are: Opened/ Sound and ladder. This is what I came up with :

1) The door scraped, as she nervously opened the old unusual room, but suddenly she headed a “BANG!”

2) Hearing the sound of joy in the boys voice as he planned his master plan without knowing what happens down there….

3) The girls awoke to the sound of the ladder falling they went to have a look.

That my story starters, thank you for reading my blog.

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